Gone But Not Forgotten provides Second Home Care Solutions and Property Management services in the Taos, New Mexico area. We have provided hands on, personal on-site services for 10 years. Our weekly home checks consist of a thorough inspection of your house and property by experienced staff. After each home check you will receive an emailed report of the inspection and documentation of any issues that need to be addressed.

Weekly Home Checks Allow Us To

  • Survey the perimeter of your property and inspect the interior and exterior of the house
  • Identify any maintenance issues
  • Run faucets and flush toilets
  • Ensure all heating, cooling and water systems are working properly
  • Check for frozen pipes, ice dams, or other potential damage(s)
  • Keep your property free of flyers, papers, etc. that could signal prolonged absence
  • Identify pest and infestation issues
  • Check for security issues

Additional Services

GBNF offers valuable services* to our second homeowners allowing them to enjoy a relaxing stay and benefit from everything the Taos area has to offer. Arrangements for the following services are available:

  • Alarm Response
  • Hot Tub Inspection & Maintenance
  • Drip Irrigation Service
  • House Cleaning & House Keeping services
  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Landscape & Yard Services
  • Snow Removal
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Deliveries to your home
  • Transportation to and from the airport in your own vehicle
  • Baby Sitters

*All services are priced based on the needs of the client and not included in the monthly service fee.

Arrival & Departure Services

In addition to weekly home checks, GBNF also provides services* to help prepare your home for your arrival and departure. These services include:

  • Setting thermostats to desired temperatures, turning on boilers, pre-heating hot tubs, etc
  • Coordinating snow removal and landscaping services
  • Arranging cleaning and house keeping services to make your stay more comfortable
  • Dis-arming and re-arming home alarm systems
  • Coordinating home access and departure

*All services are priced based on the needs of the client and not included in the monthly service fee.

Please Ask Us!

GBNF specializes in flexibility and encourages its clients to always ask for assistance with any service or project.

P.O. BOX 3087